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Photographic series depicting

the story of Cinderella based on the 2015 film.Two of the pieces are composites created from various images taken from 15 different locations. This collection endeavors to capture the magical, the beautiful, and the romantic notions that we escape to in the world of Disney.


Photography: Michelle Monique

Model: Vanessa Fraser from HM model agency

Makeup & hair: Shiree Collier

Assistant: Heather Lebas

Dress: light in the box

"Ballroom Dance"

We wanted to recreate the atmosphere of the ballroom scene from the latest movie.

"Cinderella's Transformation"

This was the first shot captured of Vanessa twirling in her dress. She was absolutely perfect!

"Secret Garden"

It is a composite of photographs taken from 5 different locations.

"Moonlit Dream"

Inspired by Cinderella's dress, this emphasizes the teal and magenta colour palette, the butterflies, and the overall dreaminess it embodies.

"Midnight Dream"

A dream is a wish your heart makes

Check out the behind the scenes video too!

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