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Contour with airbrush spray tanning

Summer is coming and airbrush tanning is become tremendously popular, it is a great idea to help with getting bikini ready. Who doesn't want ultimate abs, firm glutes and sky high cheekbones?

Photo by Victoria Secrets
Airbrush contouring isolates and enhances muscle definition. Whether you want the look of a super model stature, a dramatically defined fitness competitor, or to just look like you put more work in the gym than you have.
What do I look for in an artist?
Many spray tanners stop their training once they’ve captured the basics of applying a spray tan. The trend in tanning today is toward taking spray tans to the next level, not just in the experience, but also in the results. They must be familiar with stylized, cutting-edge anatomy. Make sure you go to someone who advertises this as their specialty.

How do I learn how to become a spray tanning artist?

By studying Contouring for Airbrush spray tanning, you’ll start recognizing the correct placement of muscle groups, understanding the muscles and their flow, allowing you to extend and sharpen a craft that’s unique to your individual artistry and talents.
Katie Quinn, co-founder and CEO of Kona Tanning Company has been doing body contouring and tanning for the Victoria Secrets fashion show models for 3 years. Her work has been featured in Vouge, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Womens Health.
Katie offers you her wealth of knowledge at
Photo by Kona Tans

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