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High profile Makeup Artist, Hairstylist and Beauty Editor with 24 years international experience.

Currently living in Melbourne, Australia.

​"Keeping attention to the finest of details, with the entire overall look, is what I believe gives me the ability to produce a high standard of work and are key attributes to my success". - Shiree Collier

"Shiree's depth of passion and involvement in the process of concept design and development have been essential to her rise in the industry and opened many doors of opportunity for her". - Oney Syers (owner of beauty agency La Bella Mafia)


Shiree is lucky enough to be living her dream career as an international award winning Makeup artist and Hairdresser.


Born and raised in New Zealand, leaving school to pursue her passion for beauty, she became an apprentice hairdresser working in-salon. Loving the work, she decided to expand her skill set and ventured out on her own to move to Auckland at 18 yrs old to become a fully qualified hair and makeup artist, eager and ready to put in the hard work, to strive for the top and become well respected in the Industry.


Her rise was quick, doing advertising campaigns for large companies and brands and soon was immersed in her work. Having worked as head artist on 'Top of the Pops' music show on many celebrity musicians, and on over 40 music videos, she was interviewed by a TV music channel and written about in a print published magazine for her involvement with the music industry.

Shiree's passion was not harnessed to a particular direction however. Over the years she has taken on many different roles trying on all 'hats' in the industry, doing all types of work, from the most subtle to the most outrageous of avante garde. 

Welcoming new and exciting ventures, she has had the opportunity to live in different places; New Zealand (7 years), Australia (5 years), then America (for 6 years), always maintaining her passion. Being represented by elite makeup agencies she did high profile jobs working with notable celebrities, companies and brands like the Oprah Winfrey tour, Secretary of State - Condoleezza Rice, Amazon, Microsoft, Super Bowl, Fox, ZOOM, Pfizer, Playboy and Forbes magazine. 

She has moved back to Melbourne Australia to continue her career where she is regularly doing jobs like, The Project, The real Housewives of Melbourne, Foxtel, Novo shoes, The Logies, Neighbours, The News on channels 7 and 10, The Block, Fifi Box, Woman's Weekly, Kmart and Emirates.

She has won prestigious awards in Australia, Asia Pacific and Internationally, and been a finalist in many others. Interviewed regarding her expertise with hair and makeup work by 3 international magazines, been the head makeup artist for many runway fashion shows, judged American state beauty pageants, been a Beauty Editor for an L.A print published magazine 2013-17 and at a New Zealand magazine for 3 years.

Also, she was employed by Hilton Hotel to write and conduct beauty courses for the front line employees. As a booking agent with La Bella MAFIA beauty agency (West coast and Hawaii representative), and last but not least as a Mother to her two treasured daughters.  

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