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Make me blush!

Here is a print published article I wrote on blusher. I hope it helps some of you feel more secure about your application!

Blusher - it's not so scary

Blusher is something that many women fear; it is an art form that must be

mastered as it can often go horribly wrong. Listen up ladies; I will let you in on

some little secrets.

There are things to consider

- Start by choosing a natural color that suits your skin tone. If you pinch the apples of your cheeks it will create a natural tone for you and is good to use as a guide when deciding on a shade to buy.

- Fair skin looks great in pinks; especially rose colored. Medium skin colors are complimented by peach and earth tones, and dark skin looks great with apricot, bright orange or even red.

- Powder, liquid, and gel is best for oily skin and cream is great for dry.

There are things to know

- Don't apply whilst smiling, as when you are not the color may drop down and be too low on your face.

- Using a layering of both cream and then powder will give you a long-lasting and more vibrant result.

- If applying to apples of cheeks, do small swirls on the highest point of the bone, generally in line with the outer corner of the eye.

- If you apply along your cheekbone, try skinny figure 8 motions as this is will help achieve the best look, eliminating any stripes on your face.

- Blusher should be on the highest section of the bone; where the contour and the highlight meet.

- If you apply too much powder blush, use a translucent powder to tame it down a bit.

There there are rules to live by

- Less is more. Build it up slowly as it is easy to add more!

- If using a cream, liquid or gel blush, put in on over a non-powdered face, otherwise it will 'ball' up.

- If you are using a powder blush you must apply it on a powdered face, or it will grab onto skin oil and be blotchy.

- Once powder has been put on, only powder products can go on top.

- Most importantly apply and blend the edges sweeping up towards your hairline so the blusher doesn't creep down your face; it should not go much lower than nostrils or past your pupil either.

At the end of the day, lets just all hope that we atleast have good friends who will kindly tell us when we need to blend a bit more...

Photography by Michelle Monique photography

Model is Isabella Riveria

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