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If you have the time, here is the long story ...

Celebrities and High Profile Clients

Influencers of society

  • OPRAH WINFREY 'The life you want' American tour (celeb guests)

  • Condoleezza Rice (U.S Secretary of state under Pres G.W. Bush)

  • Elizabeth Gilbert (author 'Eat, pray, love')

  • Deepak Chopra (world-renowned new age guru)

  • Rob Bell (one of the 100 most influential people in the world, Time magazine) 

  • Lui Che-Woo Prize for World Civilization - presenters

  • Emmy® Award (50th Annual) - doco by John Sharify at King5 News


Actresses/Actors/TV personalities

  • Kym Whitley (from 'I love you man' & 'along came Polly')

  • Lawrence Zarian - TV fashion and red carpet guru

  • Miss Pakistan - Shanzay Hayat

  • Playboy playmate of the year - Kennedy Summers

  • Josie Bisset (from 'Melrose place') 

  • Chang Chen (lead in 'Crouching tiger, hidden dragon')

  • Renee Lawless (O.W.N drama 'The Haves and the Have Nots')

  • Mayra Leal (awarded movie 'The Wisdom to Know the Difference') 

  • Ebonee Davis (Americas next top model contestant)

  • Steve Murphy (The Insider Exclusive host)

  • Penny Newton (MTV host)

  • Toni Marsh (TV weather girl NZ)

  • J-J Feeny (NZ radio personality)

  • Belinda Todd (NZ TV Personality) 


  • Green Day 

  • Simple Plan

  • Julie Anne San Jose (myJAPS) - 'Asia's pop sweetheart' has a10x Platinum album 

  • Dizzee Rascal

  • Delta Goodrem

  • Brian McFadden

  • Jamie Cullum  

  • Donavon Frankenreiter 

  • Aja Volkman from Nico Vega (wife of Imagine Dragons lead singer)

  • The Donna's (USA band)

  • Guy Sebastian

  • Dane Rumble 

  • Brooke Fraser

  • Scribe and P-Money

  • Fast crew

  • Steriogram

  • The Feelers 

  • Anthony Calleau

  • Something for Kate (AUS band)

Sports personalities

  • Manchester United F.C players for Adidas.

  • Amy Purdy (paralympic bronze medalist snowboarder)

  • Angela Davis (5x world ranked at the100m)

  • NZ Olympic Gold Medalist hockey players advertising campaign

  • Mandy Smith (Olympic Hockey player NZ)

  • NZ Rugby team for a TVC


Brand Executives 

  • Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN) Co-President and President of Harpo Productions - Sheri Salata 

  • ​Zebra sports GM and VP Jill Stilfox - Interviews for Superbowl on FOX news, Sports Illustrated, Forbes and The TODAY show

  • VOGUE magazine director of special events - Cara Crowley

  • Starbucks CEO - Howard Schultz

  • Sears CEO and COO of Kmart, Myers and Target - Warren Flick 

  • Paypal SVP - Hill Ferguson

  • HMS Host CEO - Tom Fricke


Advertising stills (billboards, magazine editorials and advertorials, catalogues, in-store, e-commerce or promotional marketing material)


  • Louis Vuitton

  • Sony

  • Adidas

  • Getty images

  • L'oreal


  • Nordstrom

  • ZIGI Rock and Candy

  • Vodafone

  • Hallensteins

  • Telecom

  • Sharp

  • NZ Post

  • Pink Bats

  • Nestle

  • Milo

  • Actifed

  • Glassons

  • Canterbury

  • Dick Smiths

  • Farmers

  • Ezibuy

  • Seeking arrangement

  • Salad Works

  • Boogie wonderland

  • Galactic clothing

  • Beauty and the beach swimwear

  • W.O.M.A.N

  • Up-link sport

  • ANZ field day

  • AUT (Auckland university of technology)

  • Pfizer

  • Clearly Beautiful

  • Lorelei Beauty

  • Jins eyewear



  • Beauty and fashion Editor

       Gen Facio magazine (elegant high-fashion multi cultural magazine, quarterly printed publication. USA)
       SEEN magazine (urban lifestyle free ¼ yearly printed publication, NZ)

  • Covers 

      Gen Facio, Remix, Fitness life, Performance car, Encore, SEEN, Pearl Bridal House

  • Beauty Spreads, fashion editorials, and written articles

  1. (USA) Forbes, Sports Illustrated, JUTE, Dark beauty, Hopelessly romantic Media productions (10 magazines), Nouvea, Elegant, MODE, Atomic bombshell,  GFM, Impostor, Pearl Bridal House, Encore, Rockabilly deluxe

  2. (Europe) VOUGE UK, Tattoo Extreme, Trend Prive

  3. (NZ and AUS) Woman's weekly, New Idea, SEEN, Eye magazine, Panorama, Style, Brass, Creme, NZ House and Garden,NZ Herald, Pavement, Pulp, Dolly, Girlfriend, Remix, Fitness Life, Performance Car, FHM

Album covers

  • Remix 

  • Zenia

  • The Managers

TV/web news​

  • Forbes

  • Sports Illustrated

  • The TODAY show

  • FOX news

  • TVNZ

  • King5

  • Prime TV

  • The Insider Exclusive

  • 20/20



  • GreenDay

  • Simple Plan

  • The Donnas

  • Le Tigra

  • YellowCard

  • Jamie Cullum

  • Dizzee Rascal

  • Brian McFadden

  • Donovan Frankenrieter

  • Idle Wild

  • Steriogram

  • Greg Johnson

  • Pete Murry, 67 special, Zed, Brooke Fraser, Scribe, P-money, Dei Hamo,  Savage, Misfits of science, Rhian Sheehan, Dj severe, Ben lumis, Sommerset, Michael Murphy, Goodnight Nurse,  Fur patrol, De ja voodoo,  The brunettes, WBC, Fast crew , The Fanatics, 48 May, Amber Claire, The have, Mareko, Decepticons, Feelstyle, Betchadupa, Adeaze , Heavy Jones Trio , Goldenhorse, Definite & Bling, One Million Dollars, Jah’licious, Baitercell, Timmy Schumacher,  Flow on Show, The sneaks, the checks. Bede Skinner and Alex Behan (presenters) 


  • All blacks

  • Samsung (Europe and USA)

  • Statricks

  • Telecom

  • Cadbury

  • Moro

  • Foodtown

  • hallensteins

  • Auckland theatre company

  • Cambridge College

  • Krispums

  • Signature Homes

  • Statrics

  • Slumbr

  • Roost

  • Batterizer

  • Starsong

  • Shaker33

  • Zinus

  • Jump Sport


  • King Kong (By Peter Jackson staring Jack Black and Naomi Watts, Big Primate pictures ltd.)

  • Fools gold (staring Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson)

  • Terror Peak (staring Lynda Carter) 

  • I have also been involved with numerous short films

Company in house videos

  • Microsoft

  • Starbucks

  • Coca Cola

  • GAP clothing

  • NZI insurance

  • BMC software

  • ZOOM video conferencing 

  • Bullis Charter school

Music videos (41 completed, most notable below)


  • Julie Ann San Jose (asias pop sweetheart, 10x platnium), Kublakai, Jass Singh, Harleen Singh.


  • Anthony Callea, Guy Sebastian, Grin spoon (award nomination), 28 days, 67 special, Dan Brodie

New Zealand 

  • (award finalists ) - Scribe, P-Money, D-4, Dei Hamo, Rhombus, Tadpole:

  • Zed, The Fast Crew, The Feelers, 48 May,  The mint chicks, Good shirt, The bleeders, 3 the hard way, Rhombus, Revolver, Leonard, Pluto, Augustino, Timmy Schmacher, Dead end beat    


TV series

  • Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,  

  • FOX news


Music shows 

  • MTV

  • Juice TV

  • C4

  • Top of the Pops

Advertising agencies

  • Saatchi and Saatchi, Mojo, Colenso, Generator Bates

Record labels

  • Universal, FMR (festival mushroom records), Sony, Warners, BMG

Production companies

  • Singleton Ogilvy & Mathers, Flying fish, Fish n Clips, TV Zoo, POL, IDC, Our Production Team, Film Construction, Base Camp, Shotz, Big House Digital, Crush Pictures, Studio BDC, Tandem Productions, MAC House Productions

Fashion Shows

  • Fashion week (Bellevue US, Melbourne AUS, Auckland NZ)

  • VOUGE magazines fashion week show

  • Dita Von-teese and Nordstrom ​Lingerie Models

  • Love Kevin Murphy,

  • The humane society charity auction

  • Christopher Chronis

Interviewed by

  • Juice (NZ music channel) interview on myself and my work as a leading make up artist in the New Zealand and Australian Music industry

  • C4 (NZ music channel) Featured in "The makings of Music video's"

  • Gen Facio Magazine


Other Opportunities

  • A Television Emmy award for 'BEST TV NEWS STORY' was won by a story that I worked on and featured on 'The Today Show' 

  • JUDGE - The 'miss Teen Seattle' pageant

  • TEACHER - Hilton Hotel:  front line staff Beauty & Grooming course 

  • TRAVELING SALES CONSULTANT - Cosmetic Companies in-store promotions - Dior, Clinique, Chanel, Lancome, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Lancôme, KMS, Napoleon, Elizabeth Arden, Guerlain.

  • NAHA (Northern American Hairdresser Awards) competition

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