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Melbourne, Australia. Agency represented with 21 years experience



"Makeup and hair 

is my love affair'


Twist studio

San Franciso

Since I met Shiree on a commercial photo shoot where my photographer hired her she has replaced all of the other artists I've worked with through the years and become my "go to" person, my first call! She is great at knowing lighting, bringing out the "best" in someone, and working well indoors and outdoors, video and stills. And, clients and models LOVE her. She is the top of the line as far as I am concerned and my favorite artist in the 20 years I've been doing shoots. Book her early is my only advise, she books up fast because many, like me, get who she is and her talent!



High profile Photographer

Los Angeles

Talented in her craft and passionate about each photoshoot, Shiree is my go to makeup and hair artist. As a commercial photographer, I need someone reliable who can achieve any look from clean and effortless to avant garde editorial and there is nothing she can't do! Not only is she highly experienced at makeup and hair, she is an essential member of my team offering insight and suggestions that have helped me improve exponentially as an artist.


Celebrity Model, Actress & CEO


Shiree has been my go to girl for hair and makeup in California for the past year. 

I found her to be a master of her craft, achieving both very specific looks that were required and coming up with her own ideas for our numerous worldwide publications.  

Her skills do not stop there however. She is great at working with a team of people to create the overall look, and an asset when helping to organize details and find suitable people and locations.

I found her a delight to be around, her easy going personality and ability to have a good laugh was the icing on the cake!



Owner of LA'Bella MAFIA beauty agency

USA nationwide

La'Bella MAFIA has had the pleasure of representing Shiree since 2013. Her artistic talents have lead her to be the key artist for many corporations and celebrities in America, including working on the Oprah Winfrey Tour, Superbowl, Forbes, Sports Illustrated, Fox News and a U.S Secretary of State.

The feedback from her abilities, work ethics, professionalism and personality have always been outstanding, proving worthy of jobs with high profile clients; of any ethnicity, age or gender.

Shiree's depth of involvement in the process of concept design and development have been essential to her rise in the industry and opened many doors of opportunity for her. I most certainly recommend Shiree to any and all.


Owner at Marketme  Silicon Valley

I hired Shiree after getting an excellent referral from a pro photographer. My company has tried out dozens of MUA from all over the industry and I have to say that Shiree was outstanding. She was on top of the entire shoot and worked hard to make sure that our model felt confident and looked her best. I usually get a bit annoyed when I have to tell someone to do their job since there is so much going on on set but with Shiree, she took care of everything without me having to even begin to think about it. I would highly recommend Shiree for your next video or photo shoot. She is also super friendly, easy to get along with and fun to have on set!


Shiree is a high profile makeup artist, hairstylist and beauty editor with 21 years international experience.  Living in Melbourne Australia, having recently moved from California, she is agency represented in both countries.

"Keeping attention to the finest of details, with the entire overall look, is what I believe gives me the ability to produce a high standard of work, and are key attributes to my success". - Shiree Collier






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Thank you, I will be with you as soon as I can, Shiree.


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